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News & Insights - 2021

  • Cleanability of VT Dimensions

    posted on 04/04/2021 in Tops & Surfaces

    One of the many benefits of selecting VT Dimensions laminate countertops is the ease of cleaning. As a result of COVID-19, many people are becoming more and more conscious about the cleanability of products in all industries and applications.

  • Why Palladium?

    posted on 02/25/2021 in Architectural Doors

    Impact resistant is one of the first phrases that comes to mind when considering building or remodeling any structure, but one of sheer importance when we think of highly trafficked areas such as schools, daycare centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and the like.

  • VT Industries Launches Forward by VT Quickship Program

    posted on 02/19/2021 in Press Releases

    VT Industries, Inc. is excited to launch their latest architectural wood door program, Forward by VT, servicing customers in the Mid-Atlantic Corridor out of their Hagerstown, MD manufacturing facility. This brand focuses on delivering quality doors, even faster

  • White Oak in the Flush Wood Door Industry

    posted on 01/20/2021 in Architectural Doors

    The words Quercus alba and Fagaceae look like something out of the Harry Potter vernacular, however these terms simply refer to White Oak and the related species classified in the same family. White Oak is a familiar species, having roughly 450 to 500 varieties that range in form from hardwood trees, to shrubs and bushes and are found throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Although White Oak varieties are widespread, the number of tree species is dramatically smaller, at around 60. Of which,