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Why Louvers

posted on 10/27/2021 in Architectural Doors - News

Why Louvers? 

A louver, or an architectural blind, is designed with horizontal slats to serve many purposes including keeping light out, preserving privacy, improving ventilation, as well as creating a beautiful aesthetic on any architectural wood door. 

There are two types of louvers, true or false. A true louver, or a fully vented louver, is designed to allow air to flow in and out of the door slats. Whereas a false louver is designed purely for aesthetics and ensures privacy by not allowing air to flow in and out of the louvers.  

Both true and false louvers are used in many different applications including commercial and residential spaces. In commercial spaces, you can commonly find louvered doors in public bathrooms, closets, and mechanical/HVAC rooms. For residential spaces, a louver door can be used for upscale laundry rooms, bathrooms, and even closet or pantry doors. To achieve a functional, modern farmhouse look, louver doors can also be installed on sliding tracks to make an interior barn door. 

In addition to adding design interest, louver doors also offer high-performance capabilities including fire ratings from 45-90 minutes with VT’s fusible link louver. Louver doors are available through VT’s Eggers Stile and Rail Collection and the Supa Collection. Please contact your Territory Sales Manager for more information on how you can use VT louver doors in your next project.  


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