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  • The Benefits Of Full-Wrap Edge Profiles

    posted on 05/10/2022 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    There are many benefits of incorporating a full-wrap edge into your next design project. These benefits include the sleek and modern design, cleanability, smooth surface, as well as extending the life of your countertop.

  • Why Laminate?

    posted on 01/14/2022 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    Laminate Countertops. Chances are you're familiar with them. But why is it that laminate countertops often elicit a cringe-worthy reaction? Maybe it's because the image that pops into your head is of a dated kitchen remodeled 30+ years ago, or maybe it's an unsightly pattern paired with a glaring “brown line,” across the front edge of the countertop. If not, maybe the images below will help refresh your memory.

  • Top Backsplash Design Trends to Pair with Laminate Countertops

    posted on 09/17/2021 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    If you're looking for the finishing touch to add to your newly remodeled kitchen, you're in luck! We've created a list of top design trends that will pair perfectly with your beautiful laminate countertops. Whether you opted for laminate countertops with a built-in backsplash or choose to go sleek, with no backsplash, any of these trends will help you take your kitchen to the next level.

  • ERP Update - July 2021

    posted on 08/13/2021 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    During quarter 2, VT rolled out our new ERP system at our first countertop facility, Sac City, IA on April 12th. The implementation was a huge success and the plant has been running on the new system ever since, with as little disruption to the customer as possible.

  • The Future of Surfaces: Antimicrobial

    posted on 06/14/2021 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    As the importance of mitigating the spread of microorganisms continues to grow across all sectors of the economy, innovators continue to explore ground-breaking technologies that will enable increased protection as we conduct our everyday activities.

  • What is Hevea Wood?

    posted on 05/05/2021 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    VT CenterPointe Butcher Block Countertops and Chopping Blocks are available in two unique wood species, Hevea and Acacia. Hevea wood is known for its dense character and uniform grain design.

  • What is Acacia Wood?

    posted on 04/28/2021 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    Acacia wood derives from the Australian-native trees and shrubs and produce a solid, durable hardwood that is most commonly used in long-lasting furniture goods. Because of its durable characteristics, such as scratch resistance, many homeowners choose to add Acacia wood to their home in forms such as countertops, islands, tables, headboards, and more.

  • Cleanability of VT Dimensions

    posted on 04/04/2021 in Tops & Surfaces - News

    One of the many benefits of selecting VT Dimensions laminate countertops is the ease of cleaning. As a result of COVID-19, many people are becoming more and more conscious about the cleanability of products in all industries and applications.