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Top Backsplash Design Trends to Pair with Laminate Countertops

posted on 09/17/2021 in Tops & Surfaces - News

If you’re looking for the finishing touch to add to your newly remodeled kitchen, you’re in luck! We’ve created a list of top design trends that will pair perfectly with your beautiful laminate countertops. Whether you opted for laminate countertops with a built-in backsplash or choose to go sleek, with no backsplash, any of these trends will help you take your kitchen to the next level. 


#1. Full Height Backsplash – This trend is a countertop to ceiling height backsplash. This is often used when upper cabinets are sparse or open shelving is utilized (link to CP shelves). This trend creates a big visual impact and is commonly noted to make the space feel larger.  

full height

(Photo Credit: VT Industries / Belanger Laminates) 

#2. Large, Marble-Like Slabs – Whether your countertops are light or dark in color, create a timeless look with a creamy white and grey veining backsplash. This trend creates a subtle look that can be brought to mid-height or ceiling height to achieve a premium look.  

Design Tip: You can achieve this look with a laminate marble pattern as well! 


(Photo Credit: VT Industries / Belanger Laminates) 

#3. Organic & Earthy Tiles with Textures – Bring the outdoors, indoors. With this trend, backsplashes are comprised of earthy textures and are often paired with neutral colors (such as whites, browns, greys, tans, etc.) to create a calm and enduring vibe in the kitchen. 


(Photo Credit: VT Industries) 

#4. Eye-Catching Patterned Tiles – Make a focus point for your kitchen with backsplash designs such as hexagons, herringbone, or other eye-catching designs. Designs like these are known to make the kitchen “pop” and help create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere in your home. 


(Photo Credit: VT Industries / Belanger Laminates) 

#5. Dark Grout – Matching grout lines are a thing of the past. Instead, opt for a dark grout such as black to make a bold and trendy statement when paired with a light tile backsplash. 


(Photo Credit: VT Industries / Belanger Laminates) 

#6. Alternative Materials – Think outside of the box. Materials such as stainless steel, concrete, copper, and zinc are now making their way to the kitchen backsplash. Utilize these materials for a unique statement to set your kitchen apart. 


(Photo Credit: Christian Dean Architecture, Houzz)

#7. Oversized Subway Tiles – Subway tiles are classic, but to really take your backsplash to the next level, go oversized. These larger tiles create a more dramatic look for your kitchen.


(Photo Credit: Redesign Home, Houzz)

#8. Glazed Tiles – If you choose tile, opt for glazed. This added sheen creates a premium look for your kitchen. If your kitchen has great natural light available, this can really make your backsplash shine.


(Photo Credit: Jennifer Baines Interiors)

#9. Beadboards - This cottagecore trend is one to note. Not only is it budget friendly, but it also is very simple to install. Available in a variety of trending colors, this look will will help take your cozy kitchen to the next level.


#10. Gold Accents – This one really should not come as any surprise, as gold seems to be making its way throughout the kitchen. Whether its patterned tiles or gold marbling this trend capture that premium aesthetic.

Design Tip: Pair your gold accent backsplash with gold finishes such a cabinet and drawer pulls, faucets, lights, etc. for a flawless look.


(Photo Credit: Kitchen Design Concepts, Houzz)