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Trending Factory Finishes

posted on 10/13/2021 in Architectural Doors - News

Trending Door Finishes

When it comes to your design project, every detail matters. That’s why VT creates every door with meticulous attention to beauty and expression. With our wide array of finish options, we’re able to create architectural wood doors that elevate the aesthetics and performance of any project. VT Industries offers a full line of standard factory finish options as well as custom match options for your architectural wood doors.

VT’s factory finishes capture the most sought-after trends in today’s design world. Color trends are always changing in the design world, but VT stays on top of the trends by continuously updating and adding new finishes to keep the color pallet fresh.

Every few years we see a shift in trends towards specific colors and hues – typically correlating with other interior wood finishes, such as paneling, cabinetry, trim, and more. 2021 is not an anomaly.  This year, our top three factory finishes are Ravine, Chocolate, and Alpine. In addition, we’ve also seen an uptick in the Alpine and Riverstone finishes since 2019. 

Depending on the veneer selection, 2021’s top finishes occupy the mid to dark color range. The top color, Ravine, is a very rich, brown finish that accentuates the natural beauty of the wood.  

With any of VT’s factory finishes, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is undeniable. All our factory finishes are UV cured, meeting WDMA TR-8 and AWS System 9 standards, which means they’re durable and better for you and for our environment.  

To view our full pallet of factory finishes, download our brochure or request a factory finish sample. For a custom finish, simply send us a 3” x 5” physical sample of the finish color desired, and we will custom match it to meet your project needs.