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  • Meet Our New TSM, Mike Herwig

    posted on 06/13/2022 in Architectural Doors - News

    Meet the newest member of our architectural wood door sales team, Mike Herwig!

  • Meet Our New TSM, James Sharpe

    posted on 05/10/2022 in Architectural Doors - News

    Meet the newest member of our Architectural Wood Door Sales Team, James Sharpe. James will be the new South-Central States Territory Sales Manager position for VT Industries. His territory includes Texas and Nevada. He will focus on understanding our customers' needs and ensure their customer experience and satisfaction remain high.

  • What is Servant Leadership?

    posted on 03/29/2022 in Architectural Doors - News

    A servant leader prioritizes the growth and well-being of the people they lead, whereas a traditional leader's main focus is the growth of the company. With servant leadership, the goal of the leader is to serve his or her team by putting their needs above his own.

  • Meet Our New TSM, April Ruble!

    posted on 12/10/2021 in Architectural Doors - News

    Say “Hello!” to the newest member of our sales team, April Ruble! April will provide architectural wood door sales support for the Mountain States Territory.

  • Why Louvers

    posted on 10/27/2021 in Architectural Doors - News

    A louver, or an architectural blind, is designed with horizontal slats to serve many purposes including keeping light out, preserving privacy, improving ventilation, as well as creating a beautiful aesthetic on any architectural wood door.

  • Trending Factory Finishes

    posted on 10/13/2021 in Architectural Doors - News

    When it comes to your design project, every detail matters. That's why VT creates every door with meticulous attention to beauty and expression. With our wide array of finish options, we're able to create architectural wood doors that elevate the aesthetics and performance of any project. VT Industries offers a full line of standard factory finish options as well as custom match options for your architectural wood doors.

  • How Technology and Innovation Impacted VT

    posted on 07/08/2021 in Architectural Doors - News

    In the early days of VT Industries, in 1956, technology was not as widespread as it has become today. Business meetings were done face-to-face, email technology was non-existent. Order details were communicated via telephone or snail-mail and manufacturing technology was driven by paper order details and we relied on our skilled craftsmen to physically transport doors from one department to the next.

  • Why Palladium?

    posted on 02/25/2021 in Architectural Doors - News

    Impact resistant is one of the first phrases that comes to mind when considering building or remodeling any structure, but one of sheer importance when we think of highly trafficked areas such as schools, daycare centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and the like.