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The Benefits Of Full-Wrap Edge Profiles

posted on 05/10/2022 in Tops & Surfaces - News

The Benefits Of Full-Wrap Edge Profiles

Let’s take a deep dive into what a full-wrap edge means and why they’re important. A full-wrap edge profile refers to the edge on a laminate countertop that fully covers the top and bottom sides of the countertop. In the photos below, “Photo A” reflects a countertop with a full-wrap edge profile, whereas “Photo B”, does not as you can see the underside of the countertop is exposed.

OraPhoto A: Ora Edge

tempoPhoto B: Tempo Edge

There are many benefits of incorporating a full-wrap edge into your next design project. These benefits include the sleek and modern design, cleanability, smooth surface, as well as extending the life of your countertop.

Design. It’s no secret that a full-wrap edge is an ultimate choice when selecting your new laminate countertops. The sleek and modern design creates intriguing depth and dimension while serving up a clean and distinctive look. The full-wrap design more closely replicates the natural look of stone. 

Cleanability. Since the countertop is the center of our busy lives, we all want a countertop that is easy to clean and maintain. The full-wrap design allows for easier cleaning with its smooth surface, just simply wipe the edge and underside with a damp cloth. Without the full-wrap design, food, dust, and moisture can get underneath the countertop surface and can be very difficult to remove.

Smooth. With a full-wrap edge profile, the underside of the countertop features a smooth surface allowing for easier cleaning and prevents fabrics from getting caught on the surface. Without the smooth surface of the full-wrap edge, the underside of the countertop is exposed allowing the rough texture to easily catch on a dishcloth, clothing, etc. 

Extended Countertop Life. A full-wrap edge profile protects the underside of your countertop from being exposed to unwanted moisture, food, dirt, etc. thus extending the life of the countertop and saving you time and money. What’s more, VT Dimensions laminate countertops are backed with a limited one-year warranty you can count on.

VT Dimensions’ laminate countertop offering features several full wrap edge profiles including our most sought-after and best-selling edge, Ora. Ora not only features a full-wrap design, but it also features a tight 3/16” pencil-line edge to closely resemble the natural “slab” look of stone.



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