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Why Laminate?

posted on 01/14/2022 in Tops & Surfaces - News

Laminate Countertops. Chances are you’re familiar with them. But why is it that laminate countertops often elicit a cringe-worthy reaction? Maybe it’s because the image that pops into your head is of a dated kitchen remodeled 30+ years ago, or maybe it’s an unsightly pattern paired with a glaring “brown line,” across the front edge of the countertop.

If not, maybe the images below will help refresh your memory.

Dated Laminate Kitchens

dated countertops

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A New Generation of Laminate Countertops

The good news is, these countertops served their purpose, and their time. While some homeowners may cringe at the phrase “laminate countertops” with recollections of the 70’s-style-countertops, the reason we see so many unsightly examples from a bygone era is because they endured throughout the decades and many kitchen design trends. What’s more, we’ve entered a new, design-heavy era, and so have laminate countertops.

Today’s laminate countertops focus heavily on the latest color trends and surfacing styles while providing you with the same lasting durability and features of other countertop materials.



Benefits of Laminate Countertops

According to a recent study of North American Homeowners, there are four important factors when purchasing a new countertop: price, color and style, ease of maintenance, and durability. You might also be a bit surprised to learn that laminate countertops rank well in each of these categories and even out-perform natural surfaces like granite and quartz in some.


Price was noted as the #1 most important factor homeowners are considering when buying new countertops. Homeowners want a countertop that can provide the style they are looking to achieve but not break the bank to get it. VT Dimensions Laminate Countertops are a budget-friendly solution for any project. Most homeowners will spend a fraction of the cost on laminate countertops in comparison to other countertop materials. With a wide breadth of options, VT Dimensions offers a countertop for any budget.

Color and Style

VT Dimensions laminate countertops are available in nearly endless arrays of patterns and styles ranging from creamy white marbles to deep granite slate tones, and everything in between.

color comparison

Pictured Above: Calcutta Marble 4925-7 (left) and Jet Sequoia 3476-FX46 (right)

VT Dimensions offers many popular and exclusive edge profiles. The edge profiles are contoured as part of the countertop construction process, mimic natural stone and quartz edge styles, and eliminate the undesirable “brown line.” Ora, VT’s top-selling edge profile, provides a tightly wrapped 3/16” radius for a clean and distinctive aesthetic. Like Ora, many of our edge profiles also provide a full-wrap design, where the laminate covers the underside of the edge which allows for easy cleaning.

modern countertopsEase of Maintenance

Another benefit of laminate countertops is their ease of maintenance, unlike other countertop materials, no sealing or refinishing is required. Once the countertops are properly installed, your job is complete! Just make sure to clean the surfaces periodically with a non-abrasive cloth and cleaner to keep the surface sanitized.


Next up, durability. Countertops are not typically an item that you want to replace every year so you want to make sure that what you’re purchasing is durable and will withstand the rigors of daily life. Although laminate is not heat or scratch-proof, laminate manufacturers have come a long way in making them resistant. We still recommend using trivets or hot pads to protect the countertop and not cut or chop directly on the surface. However, these countertops are built with durability in mind and likely outlast the ever-changing kitchen design styles and perform better than the laminate countertops of yesteryear.

Ease of Install (DIY)

Last, but certainly not least, is ease of install. Laminate countertops are fairly simple to install, and many homeowners even choose to install themselves. A do-it-yourself (DIY) install saves money and provides extra room in your budget for additional items or upgrades. If a DIY install is not for you, VT has a team of skilled fabricators to make your fabrication and installation process a breeze. If you’re not familiar with one, we recommend utilizing our where-to-buy locator to find a fabricator in your area to assist.

comparison chart

As you can tell, laminate countertops have not only made a comeback, but they are also a top contender when choosing a countertop surface. In addition to kitchens, many homeowners enjoy utilizing laminate countertops in bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, offices, pantries, etc. to create a trendy and budget-friendly space.

If you have any questions about VT Dimensions laminate or where you can purchase, please utilize our Where to buy website navigator to put you in touch with one of our skilled fabricators.

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