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What is Servant Leadership?

posted on 03/29/2022 in Architectural Doors

What is Servant Leadership? 

At VT Industries, we focus on being servant leaders. What is a servant leader, you ask? A servant leader prioritizes the growth and well-being of the people they lead, whereas a traditional leader’s main focus is the growth of the company. With servant leadership, a leader will serve his or her team by putting their needs above his own. 

The duties of servant leadership include preventing interruptions, removing roadblocks, communicating the visions, and providing the essential tools and resources. When servant leadership is demonstrated correctly, it can create a team of valued, respected, engaged, and successful leaders meeting or exceeding goals.  

Servant leadership is based on serval key principles including: 

  • Identifying team members’ needs 
  • Understanding project and requirements 
  • Empathizing with others 
  • Acting in the best interest of the team and the project 
  • Encouraging accountability for wins and losses 
  • Behavior matches the company vision and can be seen as a role model 
  • Acting with honesty and respect 
  • Reflecting on situations to make improvements 
  • Encouraging diversity of thought 

VT’s senior leadership team is comprised of 12 servant leaders who are focused on empowering their teams to provide synergy and growth for the company.  

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