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Why Palladium?

posted on 02/25/2021 in Architectural Doors

Impact resistant is one of the first phrases that comes to mind when considering building or remodeling any structure, but one of sheer importance when we think of highly trafficked areas such as schools, daycare centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and the like.

When you think of a door in any of these settings, you may not have ever considered the vast number of people using the door each day and the abuse it could potentially under-go, such as objects ramming into the door or even children kicking the door.

Each of these things are very important items to consider when quoting doors for your next project. All of VT’s doors are designed to provide impact resistance with their solid core and durable construction, however VT’s Palladium High Impact Resistant Door Collection is VT’s state-of-the-art offering in terms of impact resistance.

The Palladium door is constructed with a scratch and stain resistant rigid vinyl sheet material from Inpro Architectural Products. This vinyl clad material not only provides superior impact resistance but is also manufactured with color all the way through the material should any type of marring occur. The Palladium door meets industry standards for extra heavy-duty construction and both the fixed edge and the rounded removable edge out-performed low pressure laminate, high pressure laminate and veneered doors when tested with the WDMA TM 15-11 Vertical Edge Impact Test. Wear resistance of the face material equaled 6,000 cycles in comparison to low pressure laminate at 400-500 cycles and high pressure laminate at 700 to 1,000 cycles.

Although VT’s Palladium doors are constructed for high-impact performance, some damage can still occur and one of the most common places is on the edge. VT’s Palladium door offers two unique design applications, the removable or fixed edge.

With the removable edge, it is just as the name implies, a damaged edge can easily be removed and replaced without having to replace the entire door. The edge itself is damage resistant featuring double the thickness of the door face and is available in three different material options including removable vinyl, non-PVC, or stainless steel. The rounded edge on the removable option minimizes damage when doors come in contact with gurneys, carts, and other large items moved in and out of rooms frequently. If only the lock edge is damaged, the edge can be replaced in the field while the door is still hanging– saving time and money by avoiding needing a licensed machinist on-site.

Palladium also offers a fixed, or non-removable edge option. The fixed edge features a classic design that blends well with other doors in the facility. VT’s fixed edges are vinyl clad that provide additional protection in high-impact areas and are available in both PVC and Non-PVC materials.

Industries such as healthcare, education, and hospitality are very high-trafficked and ones that we strongly recommend considering high-impact door solutions, such as VT Palladium doors. If you have any questions regarding our offering, please contact your Territory Sales Manager.  

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