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Palladium® Collection

Two Edges, Endless Possibilities 

Palladium is a supremely durable architectural door that withstands high amounts of traffic and abuse while maintaining an attractive décor. Pair the strength and protection of InPro’s IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet and the quality and performance of our wood flush doors and you have the Palladium Door, the very essence of versatility.

Key Features

  • Two edge types: fixed or removable
  • LEED® contributing
  • Palladium Rigid Vinyl offers over 125 solid colors, patterns, metallics, and wood grains patterns; view available options
  • Faces are antimicrobial; perfect for busy healthcare and educational environments

  • Non-PVC InPro Rigid Vinyl Sheet
  • Extremely durable solution for high traffic applications

Architectural Solutions

acoustical Acoustical Ratings

When sound reduction is required, VT acoustical doors are the perfect solution. VT offers ratings ranging from STC-28 to STC-52 and pairs perfectly with Palladium's Inpro Rigid Vinyl faces. All VT acoustical doors are tested operable with gasketing. 

STC Fixed Edge Cut Sheet

fire rating Fire Ratings

VT fire-rated doors meet or exceed life safety requirements while maintaining the visual integrity of the door without sacrificing your design. VT’s concealed intumescent provides the same seamless elegance as our non-rated doors. And they’re available with ratings up to 90-minutes and double egress pairs.

FD-5 Fixed Edge Cut Sheet

FD-5 Removable Edge Cut Sheet

 lead lined Lead-Lined

VT lead-lined doors are perfect when your project includes areas where radiation exists. Our lead-lined doors are also compatible with Palladium's Inpro Rigid Vinyl. These doors also meet up to a 45-minute fire rating.

LL-7 Fixed Edge Cut Sheet

bullet resistantBullet-Resistant

VT's bullet-resistant doors are the perfect solution to ensure additional safety. Whether it's a school or government building the added layer of protection from VT is a must. VT offers ballistic ratings 1-8 (per UL 752) and levels IIA-III (per N.I.J. 0108.01) and up to a level 3 with a 20-minute fire rating.

BR-5 Fixed Edge Cut Sheet

What Durability Level Do I Need?

HPDL Palladium's InPro Rigid Vinyl Clad
Construction Materials

Multiple resin-coated kraft papers are covered with a high-grade decorative paper layer that is compressed under high pressure and headed for an extended period of time, finished with a melamine coating

Made from IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet material and built to withstand the most demanding environments

Wear Resistance (Cycles) 700-1,000 6,000
Thickness .048" .040"
Ball Drop Impact  58" - 66"  30.4 ft-lbs/inch of thickness
Durability Level  2 / 5 5 / 5
Price $$ $$$$

Technical Information: Palladium Collection