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Heritage Collection

Bringing classic, deep wood grains to life.

The Heritage Collection has the right door for any and every project. From beautiful flush wood veneers to practical high-pressure decorative laminate doors, this collection has all the features you need to bring your designs to life.

We’re committed to providing quality, affordability, variety, and quick delivery. A compelling value proposition and a commitment to sustainability give you everything you need in a door — within your budget.

Key Features

The Heritage Collection

  • Flush Wood Veneer

    VT flush wood veneer doors provide a stylish wood appearance with an upscale edge design. Create an extraordinary visual appearance with VT's endless custom design options such as sketch face, laser marquetry, blueprint matching, inlay & split species. And with hundreds of veneer options to choose from, there is a wood veneer door that’s perfect for your project!

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    Heritage Flush Cutaway

    • 5-ply construction
    • Seamless wood appearance
    • Sketch face, laser marquetry, blueprint matching, inlay & split species designs available 
    • Matching Options:
      • Hardwood edge at no extra cost
      • Veneer for top and bottom rails available
    • Meets positive-pressure fire ratings: 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute
    • Withstands the 1 million cycle slam test (in accordance with WDMA TM-7)
    • Popular veneers kept in-stock for faster turnaround times
    • Domestic and exotic wood veneers available
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • UV-cured factory finish to meet WDMA TR-8 and AWS System 9; also available with optional anti-microbial coating
    • WDMA/AWS Custom Grade as standard (premium grade available)
    • Dutch doors
    • Wicket doors
    • Rabbeted stiles

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  • High Pressure Decorative Laminate

    Beauty, durability, and value. That’s what you get with VT High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPDL) doors. With hundreds of laminates to choose from, HPDL doors are a great option for any interior in any application.hpdl

    • Consistent appearance from opening to opening
    • 5-ply and 3-ply construction available
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Available with 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute fire ratings
    • Matching laminate for top and bottom rails available
    • Popular laminates kept in-stock for faster turnaround times
    • Hundreds of colors and patterns to complement any interior
    • Custom laminate designs available
    • Full array of patterns, solid colors and wood grain laminates

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  • Specialty Constructions

    Fire-Rated Doors

    VT fire-rated doors meet or exceed life safety requirements while maintaining the visual integrity of the door without sacrificing your design. VT’s concealed intumescent provides the same seamless elegance as our non-rated doors. And they’re available with ratings up to 90-minutes and double egress pairs.

    fire rated

    Acoustical Doors

    When sound reduction is required, VT acoustical doors are the perfect solution. Available with ratings ranging from STC-28 to STC-49, they’re available with either high-pressure decorative laminate or wood veneer faces. All VT acoustical doors are tested operable with gasketing. 

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    Lead-Lined Doors

    VT lead-lined doors are perfect when your project includes areas where radiation exists. Our lead-lined doors are available with wood veneer or high pressure decorative laminate faces to match all of the other doors in your project. They also meet up to a 45-minute fire rating.

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    Bullet-Resistant Doors

    • Available for resistant levels 1-8 (per UL 752) and levels IIA-III (per N.I.J. 0108.01)
    • 20-minute fire rating available
    • Glazing is available for most ballistic ratings and up to a level 3 with 20-minute fire rating
    • Available in 1-3/4" or 2-1/4" thicknesses
    • Fiberglass core material meets the bullet resistance requirements of test standard UL 752
    • Bullet-resistant metal vision panels are required for all doors and lites and bullet-resistant doors must be hung in bullet-resistant frames
    • Pair applications are available in ratings up to level 4 with an overlapping bullet-resistant astragal

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    Stylus Doors

    • Stylus doors are a cost-effective alternative to true stile & rail doors
    • Non-rated, 20-, 45-, 60-, 90-minute
    • 1-3/4" thickness
    • Available in rectangular panel configuration and design
    • Choose between our two standard mouldings or submit a custom moulding profile
    • Particleboard, structural composite lumber, or mineral core constructions
    • STC ratings up to 33
    • Wide selection of domestic and imported veneers available 
    • Sketchface options available