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Removable Edge

Durability Defined.

Typically, the lock edge of the door opening sustains the most damage in high-traffic applications. Palladium's removable edge is a game changer for the door industry. This extremely durable door solution not only provides the strength and protection of the Inpro IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet for the face of the door but provides a highly durable edge solution that will save you time and money. The removable edge is specifically constructed to withstand high levels of abuse, however, if the edge is still damaged, it can be replaced in the field without replacing the entire door or needing to hire a licensed machinist. 

Why Removable Edge?


Durable - Designed For High Impact

  • Rounded edge minimizes damage when the door comes in contact with beds, carts, and other large items moved in and out of rooms
  • Removable edge is double the thickness of the faces and door fixed edge, offering increased durability
  • Wear resistance is over 6 times higher than traditional laminate edges


Save Time And Money

  • Allows replacement of damaged door edges without replacing the entire door
  • If the edge is damaged, it can easily be replaced in the field without requiring a licensed machinist; reduces downtime
  • The edge can be replaced while the door is still hanging—saving you time and money
  • Save money by not having to purchase protective hardware



  • Traditional edge guards and kick plates can make the facility feel cold and institutional
  • The Palladium door, without this additional hardware, gives your facility a warmer, more inviting feeling, putting employees, patients, and visitors at ease
  • Palladium doors can enhance the whole facility as they can match other products in your facility, creating a seamless design throughout the building


Edge Material Options

  • Vinyl
  • Stainless Steel

 Removable Edge Material Durability Level


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