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Acoustical Capabilities

Noise is one of the single most common complaints at hotels, condos, and other commercial properties. For this reason, STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings have become a primary consideration when choosing doors for large-scale projects. VT's sound-resistant STC doors and jambs are found in every application from airports, healthcare, and hospitality facilities, to government and municipal buildings, as well as educational institutions.

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20-25 Very poor - Low speech audible
25-30 Poor - Normal speech understood easily and distinctly
30-35 Fair - Loud speech understood fairly well
35-40 Good - Loud speech heard but hardly intelligible, this is the onset of acoustic “privacy”
40-50 Very Good - Loud speech heard faintly, 90% of a typical group sample not annoyed
50-52 Excellent - Loud sounds heard faintly or not at all, 99% of a typical group sample not annoyed

VT offers a wide variety of acoustical doors including:

  • Flush doors through STC 52

  • Stile and rail doors through STC 40
  • Frames and jambs through STC 45 when paired with VT doors
  • Applications that include single swing, standard swing pairs, doors and transoms, and dutch doors
  • Applications with and without lites
  • Applications 20, 45, 60 and 90-minute fire ratings
  • Applications that provide x-ray as well as acoustical performance
  • Applications tested in wood frames
  • Applications for airport housing noise abatement programs