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Flush Wood Veneer Doors

Extraordinary Openings 

VT flush wood veneer doors provide a stylish wood appearance with an upscale edge design. Create an extraordinary visual appearance with VT's endless custom design options such as sketch face, laser marquetry, blueprint matching, inlay & split species. And with hundreds of veneer options to choose from, there is a wood veneer door that’s perfect for your project.

Why Flush Wood Veneer?



  • Rounded edge minimizes damage when the door comes in contact with beds, carts, and other large items moved in and out of rooms
  • Removable edge is double the thickness of the faces and door fixed edge, offering increased durability
  • Wear resistance is over 6 times higher than traditional laminate edges

save time

Save Time And Money

  • Allows replacement of damaged door edges without replacing the entire door
  • If the edge is damaged, it can easily be replaced in the field without requiring a licensed machinist; reduces downtime
  • The edge can be replaced while the door is still hanging—saving you time and money
  • Save money by not having to purchase protective hardware