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Radius Edge Profiles

Radius Edge Profiles for Countertops

Radius edges brings solid, contemporary style to your countertop surface. Because the laminate is wrapped on both the top and bottom edges of the profile, your Dimensions countertop surface achieve the look of a solid slab of material. This edge profile pairs well with both flowing granite pattern laminates and wood look laminates.

Futura - Double Radius edge

  • Contemporary, postformed double radius edge provides the solid, slab effect of natural stone or quartz 
  • Perfect edge to showcase a large scale granite pattern or butcher block laminate pattern
Futura Edge

Nova - 180 Degree Wrap Edge

  • A classic countertop edge option that provides a timeless look
  • Nova features the roundness of a bullnose edge that works well in traditionally styled spaces.
  • Works well in applications that require rounded edges for safety
Nova Edge

Marbella - 1/8" Radius Edge

  • Sophisticated and modern lines blend effortlessly into the slab-like profile
  • The tight 1/8” radius on the edge blends effortlessly in contemporary and transitional styled homes
  • The most versatile and sought after edge profiles feature the tight 1/8" radius or pencil line edge
Marbella Edge

Ora - 1/8" Radius Full Wrap Edge

  • The tight radius creates the authentic look of stone and pairs well with nearly every style of laminate 
  • Ora's simple yet sophisticated profile allows the laminate pattern to be the highlight of the space.
  • Laminate is wrapped around both the top and bottom of the Ora edge profile, providing protection for the underside of the countertop
  • The most versatile and sought after edge profiles feature the tight radius, or pencil line edge
Ora Edge