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VT Donate $12,772.50 to American Cancer Society

posted on 07/22/2016 in Press Releases

    For more information contact:

                                                                                              Trisha Schmitt

                                                                                             (800) 827-1615

 [email protected]


One thing that sets VT employees apart from all others is the ability to come together to support a good cause. During the summer, employees of VT’s Holstein facility put together a Relay for Life Team. This team hosted multiple fundraisers to raise money to support The American Cancer Society. Some of the fundraising events that took place were bake sales, plant sales, cupcakes, miscellaneous drawings, and a pie in the face fundraiser.

The event that drew the most attention was the pie fundraiser. Each week three supervisors were selected and agreed to be “pied in the face.” Throughout each week, employees could put money in the bucket of a supervisor they wanted to see get pied...just adding to the “fun” in fundraising. This event alone raised $1,053.

Doug Clausen and family agreed to match half of what was raised; adding an additional $6,348.75. The VT Relay for Life Team proudly donated a grand total of $12,772.50 to the American Cancer Society. “Together, one step at a time, we will find a cure for the curable.”

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