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Eggers Acquistion FAQ

posted on 10/02/2018 in Press Releases

VT Industries Acquires Eggers Industries

It’s an exciting time when two industry leaders combine to provide even greater value to customers. In that spirit, VT Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of Eggers Industries—and a new age of possibilities for the industry.

In anticipation of some of the questions you might have, here are a few things you might like to know …

When will the ownership change become effective?

The change in ownership was effective Monday, October 1, 2018. Immediately, the two companies are already working together to create an even stronger offering for the marketplace.

How will this acquisition impact the marketplace?

By combining the two highest-quality Architectural Wood Door businesses as one unbeatable team, VT Industries is creating one invaluable resource for customers all across North America. The expansion of the product portfolio, growth of manufacturing and melding of two highly innovative companies equates to more possibilities and even greater ease of doing business.

Will the Eggers name continue to be used?

Yes. We naturally want to build on the VT Industries and Eggers reputations for high quality products and exceptional service. As such, the Eggers products will proudly continue to be featured within the VT Industries portfolio as the exclusive Eggers Collection.

How will this benefit the customers of both Eggers and VT Industries?

The customers of both Eggers and VT Industries will continue to be faithfully served. In fact, customers should find even more value than ever. Effective October 1, 2018 and for the first time ever, all of the Eggers Collection S&R products will be available for purchase by all VT Industries customers. Similarly, the full Supa Collection will be available to all Eggers customers as well.    

Who will customers contact at Eggers or VT Industries moving forward?

We’ve made that simple! Customers will continue to work with their current Inside Sales Rep / Project Coordinator for ongoing quote and order support. The inside teams will coordinate work across the facilities as necessary and will provide more specific contact information as appropriate. In other words, customers will be able to tap into expanded capabilities without having to do anything differently.

Where should customers turn for a quote?

That’s easy. Customers should continue to contact their current Inside Sales Rep / Project Coordinator for quoting and product support. Customers may be introduced to new VT Industry resources along the way when it is beneficial to do so. As always, VT Industries wants to ensure that the customer experience we provide is the very best in the industry. New customers can reach out through the VT Industries website.

Will pricing be changed?

Since we will continue to use our existing VT Industries quoting process, we do not anticipate any immediate pricing changes. That said, as we work through the review of our product and process synergies, we may find opportunities to impact the price of products. We will certainly keep everyone informed of potential changes as they develop.

Will lead-time be affected?

The intent is only to build on the excellent VT Industries and Eggers reputations for quality and service. As such, VT Industries will continue the valued current method of providing attractive lead times to our customers and will strive to advance the industry standard for lead times moving forward.

How will claims be handled?

VT Industries will continue to use the current process for claims, allowing customers to simply follow the same process they have been using up to this point. VT Industries claims will be handled in Holstein, IA, while Eggers claims will be processed in Two Rivers, WI.

What effect will this have on specifications?

At VT Industries, we are excited that we will now have two opportunities to list our name in specifications. We will continue to put all of the VT Collection products in specifications: Heritage, Supa, EnVivo, and now Eggers and Palladium.

It is our hope that this FAQ sheet addresses some of the questions you may have about this exciting new business acquisition. We are confident that you will quickly realize the distinct benefits of this new combined team of VT Industries and Eggers.