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VT Holstein Achieves World Class Safety Status

posted on 11/18/2016 in Architectural Doors - News


The VT Holstein Door Production Facility reached a milestone achievement this month! After 12 months of hard work and determination, the VT Team achieved the World Class Safety Award for excellent safety practices in the workplace!

To achieve this prestigious title, Holstein had to have a DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) that was equal to or less than 1.4. This means that Holstein could not have more than 1.4 accidents per 100 employees in one year.

The World Class DART rate of 1.4 is half of the industry average. Not only did VT achieve this award, but they were operating at a much higher level than World Class. Currently, the VT Team is operating at .80.

“This is not something you fall into or get lucky and achieve,” notes Senior Vice President, Jason Farver. “Hitting 12 consecutive months at World Class is a great testimony to the types of culture we have built around safety and continuous improvement.”

Congratulations to the Holstein Door Production team on a truly impressive accomplishment!

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