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VT Acquires Eggers Industries: The Road to Integration

posted on 01/25/2019 in Architectural Doors - News

VT Acquires Eggers Industries: The Road to Integration

The Acquisition

In early October, VT Industries announced it acquired Eggers Industries, a family-owned, national door and millwork manufacturer based in Wisconsin. The acquisition allows VT to offer greater appeal and value to the customers of both companies with expanded manufacturing capabilities. 


Since the announcement, VT has developed integration teams consisting of individuals from both company’s various departments. These teams have been working diligently analyzing all the business processes at both companies and developing plans on how to best move forward. “It’s really a time to learn,” notes VT Industries Vice President of Sales, Tim Petersen. “By allowing our teams to work together and learn from each other, we can explore all options and determine the best solution for continued growth.”

While our teams are continuously working to develop seamless integration plans, both companies are continuing to operate as normal. Eggers will operate as a division of VT— with the same friendly faces and high-quality door and millwork products they’ve always provided.

It is our goal to be as transparent as possible throughout the integration process and to communicate all updates with you in a clear, concise, and timely manner. If you have any questions regarding the recent acquisition, please refer to our “Eggers Acquisition FAQ’s”

2019 & Beyond

Eggers is a natural fit for VT and customers alike as both family-owned companies share a strong commitment to innovation and growth, as well as their people-focused cultures and core values. In addition to the recent acquisition, VT has also been focusing on merging our internal processes and structures throughout the company to enhance customer experience. To make this possible, VT has realigned its company mission statement.

VT’s new mission statement: “By investing in people, technology and innovation, the VT Family exceeds customer expectations by providing world-class service and high-quality products”.

With the merger, VT also redefined the company values to more accurately reflect the collective values of both companies. “We show respect, We are engaged, We drive innovation, We are genuine, We are the VT Family!”.

By refocusing our core values and aligning our entire team on the same ideology, our focus is to drive employee engagement & involvement, utilize available technologies and resources, and create a seamless integration for all customers—building on VT’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service!

VT corporate headquarters, Holstein, IA

Two Rivers, WI Location — Eggers Division