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Industry Trends: Sketchface Doors

posted on 07/22/2019 in Architectural Doors - News

Sketchface doors are in high demand in today's architectural industry! Backed by the time-honored tradition of expertise and craftsmanship of VT's Eggers Division, your design possibilities are endless. Sketchface flush doors offer a unique visual impact to the veneer face. Sketchface designs can be achieved in many way including unlimited combinations of arranging veneers in different directions or varying wood species.

Sketchface doors are typically used for key openings to increase visual impact and set a tone for the space. In addition to flush wood doors, sketchface designs can also be added to wall panels or even conference tabletops. 

Let VT help you leave a lasting impression. Contact your territory sales manager today to learn more about VT's sketchface options.

sketchface door

sketchface door

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