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Customer Service Update: VT Online Hardware Templates

posted on 04/18/2018 in Architectural Doors - News

To effectively use the VTonline® system and ensure product ships to the jobsite correctly, the template number and date need to be verified when keying in any hardware in the hardware entry screen. Since VT is not a distributor of hardware, we do not always receive updates on templates from hardware companies. We rely heavily on input from our valued customers to inform us of template updates and changes so we can make the necessary updates to our system. We also leave old templates and dates in the system for any remake doors that may arise on older projects.

We request that new or updated templates be sent to your project coordinator. If you have any questions on whether or not you have correct hardware code, please reach out to your project coordinator for further assistance to ensure your doors will be manufactured correctly and on time. 

Below are three different examples of hardware templates you may see in VTonline.

1. This is an example of a template with a template date behind it.   

template 1

2. Not all templates have dates behind them.  The 434 door bottom template did not have a template number or date.  Pemko changed the size of their door bottom on 10-15-10.

template 2

3.This lock has two templates that could be used.  Customer should verify which one they have.

template 3