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60th Anniversary Fly Arounds

posted on 09/30/2016 in Architectural Doors - News


VT Industries celebrates 60 years in 2016!

VT celebrated the monumental year with its employees during the month of September by hosting 60th anniversary celebrations at all of the manufacturing facilities. Doug and Roger Clausen, along with the senior leadership team traveled around to celebrate the accomplishments of the company with each team.

“When I reflect on VT’s legacy,” notes President Doug Clausen. “I think of my father Roger in 1956 and how he never imagined VanTop transforming into the industry leader we are today. The one constant that reminds us of what makes our company unlike any other is our people. VT’s product quality and superb customer service, executed through innovation by people who truly care, has been the key to VT’s continued growth and success. “

The team’s travels brought them to six different countertop facilities across the U.S. and three architectural wood door manufacturing facilities. It was so impressive to see the dedication and hard work at each plant! 

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