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Veneer & Wood Conference Tabletops

Enhance the aesthetic statement of any meeting space.

VT's wood and veneer tabletops are custom fabricated from a wide selection of hardwood face veneers to lend just the right amount of character and dignity to any room. We assemble our own hardwood veneer faces, giving you full control of the aesthetic quality of your project. Tabletop cores can be manufactured in particleboard or MDF and finished with your choice of exceptional hardwood veneers. Our custom veneer options range from the common to the very exotic. 

Key Features

  • Particleboard or MDF core
  • Nearly unlimited selection of veneers
  • Ability to match doors, trims, mouldings, rails, substrates, and office components 
  • Edge banding available
  • FSC certified veneers and substrates available upon request
  • Detailed inlays and multi-specie assembles for a unique look


Conference Tabletops

  • Custom Options

    Bring your visions to life with VT's custom conference tables. Our in-house combination of hand-craftsmanship and laser capabilities provides extensive design possibilities. Special matches include diamond match, reverse diamond match, sunburst match and box match. Our custom components provide a wonderful opportunity for detailed inlays and multi-specie assemblies. Add the finishing touches to your design with edge banding. Add complementary doors, trims, mouldings, rails, substrates, and a wide array of office components to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind look.

  • Edge Banding
    • Can be applied to office components, furniture, case goods, or doors
    • Matching species to face or various domestic or imported species
    • Concealed or exposed lumber bands
    • Veneer banding is applied after face laminating
    • May be from the same flitch as the face for greater consistency of color and grain
    • The edges can be grooved, splined, rabbeted, mitered, or custom 
  • Finishes

    VT's wide range of finish options is anchored by a Gardall UV-curved finish, an environmentally friendly system that meets AWS standards for curable finishes. The Gardall finishing system consists of water-based stains and 100 percent solid clear coats that are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Adhesives
    • Type 1 and Type II glues are standard
    • No added urea-formaldehyde adhesives available