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Haverford College VCAM Building

Project Features

  • Haverford College's overall goal was to preserve the historic building in a way that also emphasized community and connection.
  • VT manufactured 39 primed doors.  These doors featured 5-ply construction with SCLC cores and plain-sliced walnut veneer doors with 5-ply construction.

Project Overview:

During the fall of 2017, Haverford College opened a new Visual Culture, Arts,
and Media (VCAM) facility located in one of the oldest buildings on campus.
The “Old Gym," built in 1900, was reimagined as a flexible, creative hub for
students, faculty, staff, and the wider community to make and interpret
visual media. The juxtaposition of the historical exterior architecture and
the modern interior elements provides a space that is both grounded and
inspirational as it encourages collaboration, exploration, and learning.

Building Challenge:

The architect, MSR Design, took an adaptive reuse approach to the building’s
architectural revitalization. They successfully preserved and repurposed elements
of the historic building in a way that resonated with the larger architectural
community, winning multiple architectural awards. What’s more, MRS Design
was able to emphasize community and connection, which was essential to the
college’s master plan.

VT’s Contribution:

VT Industries, Inc. manufactured a total of 39 doors for General Supply of
Bethlehem, PA, who was the door and hardware distributor partner for Haverford
College’s VCAM facility. Many of the doors were slated to be painted, so VT
provided primed, ready-to-paint doors. These doors featured 5-ply construction
with structural composite lumber cores (SCLC). There were
also a few flush wood veneer doors that featured A-grade plain-sliced walnut
veneers with a custom finish. The plain-sliced walnut veneer doors also featured
5-ply construction.

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