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Home Bank

Project Features

  • VT provided a total of 23 doors to the Home Bank project featuring sketchface and metallic inlays
  • The multi-veneered sketchface doors featured Quartered Mahogany, Walnut and Rift Red Oak (random match) with a clear finish
  • The flush doors featured a Quartered Walnut (random match) Wilsonart #6277 metallic inlays with a clear finish

Project Overview:

Home Bank, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, was chartered in 1890 as a mutual institution which essentially means that it is owned by depositors.  Home Bank created a gifting program where 10% of the bank's profits were to be allocated to support worthwhile projects addressing the greatest needs in the communities served.

Building Challenge:

After another door manufacturer abandoned the project, VT stepped up to provided the architect with industry insight and guidance regarding veneer lay up, veneer selection, and general sketch face door information.

With the nearly limitless design possibilities VT sketchface doors afford, the architect was able to have a creative freedom  during the specification process.  Once the architect finalized the design, VT's knowledgeable sales manager was able to provide samples to ensure the architect's vision was effectively translated for the space and it met the performance requirements.  

VT’s Contribution:

VT Industries provided a total of 23 flush doors including custom sketch face doors with metallic inlays.  The sketchface barn doors featured a variety of veneer species including quartered Mahogany, quartered Walnut, and rift cut  Red Oak (random match) all with a clear finish.  There were also quartered Walnut (random match) with metallic inlays and a clear finish, specified for the project.

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