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Wenatchee Pantry Project

Project Features

  • Pantry remodel brought to life with help to Stretta countertops
  • Along with the beautiful white marble pattern, the DIY friendliness and affordability were key factors in selecting Stretta
  • Versatile surface that can be used anywhere

DIY'er and instafluencer, Chris Riley, recently remodeled her home in Wenatchee, Washington, turning her ordinary pantry into a beautifully organized butler's pantry. Her new butler's pantry serves as a spacious, culinary haven with a durable work surface perfectly designed to store and prepare meals for guest entertainment.

"While brainstorming the design, I ran across Stretta countertops and immediately knew I had to have them for this makeover." - Chris Riley

Since Chris would be doing the remodel herself, she needed a countertop that was both easy-to-install and affordable. With Stretta countertops, she found the installation process to be a breeze!

Chris ultimately selected Stretta countertops for her project because she fell in love with the stunning white marble pattern and the timeless, full-wrap edge profile. The velvety smooth texture, and finished underside were also big factors that played an important role in her decision.

Overall, Chris could not be more pleased with the design and durability of the Stretta countertop! She's even started to brainstorm other areas in her home that she can add this versatile surface.

Project Materials:

Pantry Countertop- Stretta, White Marble

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*Photos by Chris Riley