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Thrifted Hazel House

Project Features

  • VT Dimensions Countertops
  • Ora Edge
  • Carrara Bianco 6696-43 Laminate

DIY and instafluencer, Kayla Fenton of Thrifted Hazel House, shares sought-after designs by incorporating "thrifted" products. Kayla provides her followers with inspiring, modern-farmhouse designs and decor while sharing her experiences as she renovates her 1940s cape cod home.

Kayla's most recent project, and undoubtedly our favorite thus far, includes her newly remodeled kitchen. Kayla transformed her kitchen into a beautiful, modern design space by replacing her counters with VT Dimensions Carrara Bianco countertops in the Ora edge. The sleek design and "slab" pencil-line edge closely resembles the stunning look of stone for a timeless look.

Not only do these countertops provide the aesthetic Kayla was aspiring to achieve, they also provide durability. With the full-wrap edge profile, clean-up has never been easier for Kayla. Unlike her existing dated countertops which did not have a full-wrap profile, Kayla can simply wipe the underside of the countertop clean with a non-abrasive cloth.

Ultimately, Kayla chose VT Dimensions because she loves the natural look of stone these countertops provide at a fraction of the cost - now that's thrifting!

Project Materials:

Kitchen Countertop- VT Dimensions: Carrara Bianco, Ora Edge

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*Photos by Kayla Fenton