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Charleston, WV Holiday Inn

Project Features

  • VT manufactured a total of 12 flush  sketch face doors for the hotel's event and banquet spaces. 
  • The sketch face design features quartered African Mahogany and Maple veneers with a clear finish and a custom ring design. 

Project Overview:

The well-known hotel chain, Holiday Inn, recently renovated their ballrooms and event spaces in Charleston, West Virginia. The design team realized that the space needed a design element that would up elevate the space and decided it was time to replace the dark and dated doors with interesting sketch face doors.

With the help of Architectural Interior Products and VT Industries, the Holiday Inn design team designed a custom door solution that not only defined the space, but offered a quality product that met their specific performance needs.

The design team was inspired by the ring motif that was repeated in the chandelier and floor coverings in the event spaces and incorporated it onto the face of the door. The doors create a beautiful, cohesive focal point in the space. The doors have also been well received by the guests and staff alike. One of the first events to take place in the space was a wedding, and the VT sketch face doors added a special touch to the celebration. 

VT’s Contribution:

VT provided 6 pairs of flush sketch face doors, all of the entrances to ballrooms or event spaces.  The doors featured quartered African Mahogany and Maple veneers with a clear finish with a custom sketch face design.

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