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Winspear Opera House

Project Features

  • The doors chosen were 90-minute fire rated doors.
  • The red maple doors in the hallway complement the glass façade, and the walnut on the inside complements the darker finishes.
  • To achieve the best possible listening environment, the doors located around the theater feature 3" extra thick cores.

Project Overview:

The Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House in Dallas is designed as a 21st-century reinterpretation of a traditional opera house. The layout is set in the shape of a horseshoe configuration to provide optimal acoustics. With a capacity of 2,300, the opera house holds many types of performances for the public.

Building Challenge:

Every aspect of the building had to follow the style of a modern building with the look of an old time opera house, even the doors. Another challenge was for the doors to be able to prevent sound from going from one room to another so that the performances are not disturbed by outside noise.

VT’s Contribution:

VT Industries provided approximately 300 doors to this project. The doors chosen had Walnut and Plain sliced White Maple veneers and some laminate doors. Dallas Door provided the doors and has always had a long and respected relationship with VT Industries.

VT provided the Winspear Opera House with the perfect doors to enhance the performances while complementing the design.

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