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Delivery Information

In this section, we will provide detailed information on 1. How to read a VT Dimensions label, 2. How to Read a Skid List, 3. A sample proof of delivery, and 4. The Delivery Process, to assist you in knowing what you can expect when you place your order for VT countertops.  As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact your Customer Service Representative. 

How to Read a VT Dimensions Countertop Labellabel

(Top: 3” X 6 ½” affixed to the deck surface, Bottom: 5/8” x 6 ½” affixed to the raw end of countertop top)


  • 1. Customer name
  • 2. Customer’s city & state
  • 3. VT item number
  • 4. Item description
  • 5. VT inventory laminate code
  • 6. Line item comment
  • 7. Size of laminate used
  • 8. Customer purchase order number
  • 9. Ship date
  • 10.Y=trim tops; N=untrimmed tops
  • 11. Manufacturing ID number
  • 12. Production schedule number
  • 13.VT shipping zone number
  • 14.Quantity of items with the same manufacturing ID #
  • 15.Color name

How to Read a Skid List

skid list

SEQ = Sequence in which tops are stacked

  • 1 = bottom of the skid

M = Miter

  • R = Right hand miter

  • L = Left hand miter

B = Backer

  • * = backer applied

M# = Manufacturing ID number

Order # = VT assigned order number

PO # = Customer assigned purchase order number

Dimensions Sample Proof of Delivery

delivery proof

Delivery Process & Proof of Delivery (POD)

1. Receiving agent should count actual number of tops and accessory boxes received. ONLY counting the number of tops & accessory boxes is required in the presence of the drive. A detailed inspection may be performed after the driver has left. Any count discrepancies and/or visible damage should be noted on the POD and verified by the driver • To receive credit all countertop shortages must be recorded on the POD

2. Customer will sign and print name and date on the POD

3. Driver will sign and date the POD

4. Customer will retain 1 copy of POD and delivery tickets

5. Driver will keep signed POD

6. Shortages or reorders must be reported to Customer Service for action to be taken

7. Concealed damages, defects, wrong colors are to be reported to Customer Service via phone, fax or e-mail within 10 days of deliver