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Whether you're taking your first step into the workforce or have decades of experience, VT offers careers at every level!

With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, VT understands that the key to success is our people and their passion for excellence. Our professional careers are designed to challenge your instincts, question the "status quo," and develop synergy through building relationships with team members. 

Being a family-owned company, VT puts a high value on work-life balance. Engaging in what matters to you is very important to us. We want you to cheer on your child at their soccer game, watch a dance recital, enjoy a long weekend with friends, or be able to take your sick child to the doctor. This is why, VT proudly offers flexible scheduling, paid-time-off, vacation time, and down-to-earth supervisors who simply "get it."


Explore the various career areas available at VT Industries.



Our engineers detect problems before they even occur. They research, test, and implement new methods, working closely with each department.

Continuous Improvement / Automation

Being at the forefront of the industry is our game. These innovators drive efficiencies and improve our bottom line.

Information Technology

Technology drives the world, and it's no difference here at VT. Our IT team is committed to driving our company into the future.

Accounting & Finance

We have checks and balances for a reason. Our accounting and finance teams ensure our daily transactions flow seamlessly.

Customer Service

Putting the customer first is our #1 priority. Our customer service representatives are dedicated to providing customers with nothing less than excellent. 

Human Resources

By seeking qualified individuals to join our team and boosting employee engagement, our HR team is always making VT a better place.

Supply Chain / Purchasing

Sourcing products is an art, which is why we leave it up to the pros. By comparing prices, lead times, & craftsmanship these individuals source materials for all locations.

Sales & Marketing 

Supporting our customers with all the resources & tools they need to succeed is our priority— all while staying at the cutting edge of the latest styles and trends.