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  • Petersen Receives 2018 DHI Achievement Award

    posted on 01/28/2019 in Architectural Doors

    VT is excited to share that Tim Petersen, Vice President of Sales, AWD has received DHI's Fellow Award.

  • Where to Buy Locator

    posted on 01/28/2019 in Architectural Doors

    As we begin another year, we want to make sure we are giving you the tools you need to be successful, which is why we have a "Where to Buy" locator tool on our website.

  • 2018's Top Door Laminates

    posted on 01/28/2019 in Architectural Doors

    High pressure decorative laminate doors are becoming an industry favorite due to their high durability and wide array of design possibilities!

  • New Architectural Product Pages

    posted on 01/25/2019 in Architectural Doors

    With the recent acquisition of Eggers Industries, we have been adding many new product pages to our website including Palladium® Doors, Eggers Stile & Rail Doors, and Eggers Paneling & Wood Working. Each of these product lines allows VT to further expand our product portfolio, adding greater value and appeal to our customers.

  • VT Acquires Eggers Industries: The Road to Integration

    posted on 01/25/2019 in Architectural Doors

    Since the announcement, VT has developed integration teams consisting of individuals from both company's various departments. These teams have been working diligently analyzing all the business processes at both companies and developing plans on how to best move forward.

  • VT Wins Advertising Excellence Awards

    posted on 10/15/2018 in Architectural Doors

    We're excited to share that VT Industries Architectural Wood Doors has received two 2018 Architectural Record Advertising Excellence Awards! VT won the best single page ad as well as the best overall ad campaign.

  • VT Proudly Offers Expanded Door Capabilities

    posted on 10/15/2018 in Architectural Doors

    Check out the expanded door and millwork products now available as a result of the Eggers acquisition. The synergy of the combined product lines allows VT to offer a complete suite of commercial and residential door products.

  • Now Available - VT's Supa Collection Brochure

    posted on 09/15/2018 in Architectural Doors

    The Supa Collection offers the right door for every design. Complete with a full list of elevations, mouldings, stickings, and profile options, this brochure will be your complete guide to designing your next door. Along with the brochure, we've also updated our Supa Collection cut sheets and warranty.