Architectural Wood Doors

Door by type

Factors such as design aesthetics, functionality, and budget considerations all play a role in determining the type of doors that a particular application will require. VT offers an extensive selection of products and makes it easy to choose the right door type for your specific project.



VT flush wood veneer doors provide a stylish wood appearance with an upscale edge design. Our exclusive edge-before-face design enhances their durability and creates seamless beauty. And with hundreds of veneer options to choose from, there is a VT flush wood veneer door that’s perfect for your project.

VT High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPDL) doors offer exceptional beauty, durability, and value for any project. These doors can be specified with either 5-ply or 3-ply construction to meet your performance needs. And an extensive selection of laminate options assures the right look for any interior in any application.


Whether you’re restoring a historic building or looking to add the perfect detail to a new design, you’ll find the elegance and beauty you seek in VT Stile and Rail Doors. These offerings deliver the high quality, aesthetic compatibility, and design integrity that architects and designers have come to expect from VT.


When your project calls for unique performance parameters, VT has you covered with options specifically designed to address them. Our additional door types include Fiber Reinforced Laminate (FRL), Acoustical Doors, Lead Lined Doors, and more. Let our experienced sales and project management personnel help you determine the right option for your needs.