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VT Industries Develops Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) For Architectural Wood Door Products

posted on 08/03/2015 in Press Releases

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VT Industries Develops Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

For Architectural Wood Door Products

HOLSTEIN, IA (August 3, 2015) —As a U.S. based manufacturer, VT Industries has always operated with an intrinsic sense of respect for the environment and continues to operate guided by the principle of forward focus. Forward focus is VT’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing and the continued development of sustainable architectural door products.

In an effort to improve manufacturing transparency, VT developed a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). VT’s EDP is product specific and was officially validated on July 3, 2015, by NSF International. VT’s EPD is valid for all door types and collections, including stile & rail doors until 2020. NSF International has posted VT’s EPD on their website. Additionally, one is able to download VT’s EPD and find additional information on VT’s website in the Sustainability Section.

The main component of an EPD is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). A LCA calculates a product’s potential environmental impacts through its life cycle. All door material inputs, packaging material inputs, manufacturing energy inputs, and manufacturing water inputs, as well as waste outputs were used to calculate the environmental impact of a VT door. The remainder of the EPD includes VT’s environmental certifications and LEED V4 information.

VT has developed several tools, including the LEED Calculator and LEED Letter Generator to assist in exploring the architectural wood door options available for LEED compliance and to generate the supporting LEED documentation and manufacturer verification for sustainable projects. Also, continuing education programs that meet AIA Sustainable Design requirements are offered and an FSC Chain of Custody Certification training program assists our distributors with the Chain of Custody process. Lastly, VT has two LEED Accredited Professionals on hand to assist with LEED questions and requirements and can be reached by calling VT Corporate Headquarters at 1.800.827.1615.

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