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VT's Facilities Allow for Maximum Efficiency

posted on 09/11/2016 in Countertops


VT Industries is a leader in the countertop industry by staying up to date on the latest market trends, providing world class customer service, and investing in high technological machinery. VT’s countertop manufacturing facilities feature some of the most highly automated and efficient machinery in the industry; all to insure high quality and quick lead times.

The complex process begins with the initial interaction with a customer, when a customer service representative enters all the order data into the computer. This data will then send production a notice of the order and order specifications. From there, the highly automated production process begins. Machines will cut and shape each core to the specified order, select and apply the desired laminate color, apply backsplashes and finally prepare and package the top for shipping.

Although VT may have some of the most advanced machinery in the industry, it’s the highly skilled employees who operate the machinery and their dedicated years of experience that truly make VT a leader in the industry! Without our employees, VT would be just another company. 

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