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VT Exhibits at HFC Convention

posted on 01/29/2019 in Countertops

VT Exhibits at HFC Convention

In early January, VT exhibited at the 2019 Home Franchise Concepts Convention (Tailored Living) in Orlando, Florida. VT’s National Accounts Manager — Single Family Home Builder, Phil Kenyon, was in attendance. Kenyon worked the VT booth with Wilsonart’s National Accounts Manager, Randy Phillips.

“With over 1,000 plus attendees, the show hosted an incredible turnout,” noted Kenyon. “It was a great opportunity to showcase VT’s full potential and promote all the different applications where laminate countertops can be useful.”

With every application in mind from kitchens and laundry rooms, to bars, garages, bathrooms, and offices, VT’s Dimensions laminate was noted for its versatility, durability, and budget-friendly price.

VT recently contracted with Home Franchise Concepts division, Tailored Living, at 127 franchised locations across the country. Tailored Living will be promoting VT Dimensions countertops paired with Wilsonart laminate for practical garage work surfaces.

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