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Materiales Nungaray Golf Outing

posted on 07/22/2019 in Countertops

Shout-out to one of VT's loyal countertop customers, Materiales Nungaray, located in Tijuana B.C., Mexico! The team recently participated in a local industry golf tournament showcasing their support for VT by wearing their VT branded polos.

Materiales Nungaray, founded in 1989, offers a wide variety of building supplies including hardware, tools, adhesives, cleaners, and much more. Among their diverse product offering, Materiales Nungarary largely offers customers a wide range of VT Dimensions laminate countertops.

 For 30 plus years, the team at Materiales Nungaray has partnered with VT Industries to provide VT Dimensions laminate countertops in the Mexico markets. golf outing