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GeoScapes Moving Foward

posted on 09/08/2017 in Countertops

In July, VT Industries announced the discontinuation of our VersaTop and TruQuartz product lines under the GeoScapes brand. As we move forward, we wanted to take the opportunity to address some of the concerns in the market regarding the availability of quartz, granite, and stone surfacing products from VT Industries.

  • VT’s Commercial Sales division will continue to provide quartz, granite, and stone surfacing products on a nationwide basis
  • VT will continue to support the Dimensions laminate and A’vant Vanity Surfaces product lines
  • VT is currently setting up distribution for A’vant Vanity Surfaces
  • VT is committed to providing the products and services that maximize opportunities for our customers

Commercial sales are on the rise and VT will continue to fully support this segment of the industry with a variety of surfacing products including quartz, granite, marble, cultured marble, and Dimensions laminate countertops via our Commercial Sales division. Our commercial sales team will also continue to service a wide variety of new and existing customer types and projects and are actively quoting commercial, hospitality, single-family, and multi-family projects throughout the country. Additionally, domestic and overseas fabrication will continue to be available, as dictated by individual project requirements.

Beyond our Commercial Sales division, VT will continue to promote and support our Dimensions Laminate countertop line as well as the latest vanity product line, A’vant.  The A’vant vanity product features 15 on-trend colors, nationwide delivery, and has proven to be an exceptional product that complements the distribution model we’ve perfected with our Dimensions laminate countertop product.

VT is currently setting up distribution for both direct/OEM and builder customers for the A’vant vanity product and has just introduced a full line of marketing materials to support customer sales.  These new sales tools include a wall display, sample folders, POP display, and 4” x 4” sample sets.

True to VT’s core values, we will continue to provide quality countertop products, exceptional customer service, and look for ways to maximize opportunities for our customers.  We encourage you to revisit all of the countertop products and services that VT brings to the ever-evolving market. Just give us a call at 888.287.8356.