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GA Plant Achieves World Class Safety Status

posted on 09/26/2016 in Countertops


VT’s Rome, GA manufacturing facility deserves recognition for their outstanding safety achievement. In September, the facility was awarded their “World Class Safety” plaque by President Doug Clausen, recognizing their excellent safety record.

In order to be awarded this title, Georgia had to have a DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) that was equal to or less than 1.3. This means that Georgia could not have more than 1.3 accidents per 100 employees in one year. Once Georgia had completed a year with a DART of less than or equal to 1.3, they also had to be able to keep the “World Class Status” for another 12 months. In short, the facility must operate at the highest level of safety for 2 full years in order to receive this prestigious safety award.

As you can see, this award took a lot hard work, planning, and determination. Way to go, Georgia!

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