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February Build Exchange

posted on 03/05/2018 in Countertops

February Build Exchange 2018

In February the VT National Accounts team met with 16 major single family home builders in New Orleans. The meetings were sponsored by the Build Exchange Events and were held at the Ritz Carlton. The event included a Sunday evening registration and welcome get together, as well breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings on Monday and Tuesday. Whenever there's a Build Exchange, there is always a very good turn out with nearly 100% attendance, this year's spring event was no exception. Although there were only 120 attendees, each was selected because of their unique position in the market place.

VT’s John Muller & Anthony Tadajewski met with the builders and featured the VT products. Many of the single family builders were not aware of all of the unique products VT offers, because they only know VT as a countertop company. Many of the builders in the meetings have been purchasing VT Dimensions countertops for years through some of the key fabricators around the country.

“We discovered new opportunities in both Tampa & Jacksonville, FL as well an invitation to attend an event with the country’s largest home builder- DR Horton- held in Dallas in early April, “notes VT’s Senior National Account Manager, John Muller.

Coming up in March is a similar event that Mike Layman and John Muller will attend in Charleston, SC. This event will focus on multifamily builders. The multifamily renovation companies will be interested in Belanger Cabinet Doors, Dimensions countertops, A'vant Vanity Surfaces, commercial granite and quartz kitchen tops, architectural wood doors, as well as VT’s newest product line, EnVivo Residential Doors. Many multifamily builders also have a commercial division that focuses on hospitality and other commercial projects.