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Customer Service Restructuring

posted on 06/05/2017 in Countertops

In order to better serve you, we did a little restructuring here in our customer service center in Sac City, IA. Our newest addition to the VT Customer Service team is Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager, Chris Grothe.

Grothe comes on board as previous Mary Jane Gebers. Gebers retired after 33 years with VT in January! Although Grothe has big shoes to fill, we’re confident he will do so very well.

Grothe comes to VT with many years of customer service and management experience. With great leadership skills and fresh, new ideas, we’re excited to see what he has in store for VT!

To ensure the highest quality customer service, we also added three new customer service representatives to our team. Our new customer service representatives are Jamie Highland, Jane Reiling, and Natalie Gast.

In an effort to be more efficient, we also broke our customer service team into two main groups. One group of representatives was designated to serve our Georgia and Maryland customers, while the other group was given our Iowa, Texas, Oregon, and California customers.

Be sure to contact your sales representative today for more information. Please note that our phone operating system has changed, so listen carefully to your options!