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2019: An Exciting New Year

posted on 01/29/2018 in Countertops

2019: An Exciting New Year

The countertop industry is in for another exciting year with forecasted growth for the housing industry. With a wide array of stunning edge profile options and trendy laminate patterns perfect for any residential or commercial application, the demand for VT Dimensions postformed laminate countertops are projected to grow as well!

We also are inclined to believe the demand for VT Dimensions postformed countertops will increase as a result of Chinese product tariffs on imported quartz products as more buyers continue to seek for a more affordable countertop solution. While import tariffs will raise the prices of many quartz products in general, our Avant vanity line will continue to be a great value for consumers. The color portfolio, bowl options, material choices, and quick delivery at a competitive price are all cornerstones of the Avant program’s success— and will continue to be.  

In addition to VT’s Dimensions laminate and A’vant Vanity Surfaces, VT is also excited to bring you new products and trends this year to further expand our product offering. Stay tuned for more product updates coming soon!!

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