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2018's Top Edge Profiles

posted on 01/29/2019 in Countertops

2018’s Top Edge Profiles 

From sophisticated straight lines to contemporary waterfalls, can you guess which edges were most popular in 2018? The most popular premium edge was Ora, while VT's Tempo was the most popular traditional edge.

Ora is an industry favorite due to its sleek, pencil-line edge that creates the authentic look of stone. With the full-wrap profile, customers find this edge to be very appealing with it’s easy-to-clean design.

The classic, postformed waterfall edge, otherwise known as Tempo, remains to be a top pick for homeowners due to its simple, yet contemporary appearance. With a ½” radius, the profile accents any design aesthetic.

Ora Edge ProfileOra Edge Profile

Tempo Edge ProfileTempo Edge Profile

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