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2018 Avant Best Seller: Palazzo

posted on 01/29/2019 in Countertops

VT's A'vant Vanity Surfaces brought sophisticated style and intricate patterns to bathrooms across the country this past year! The top selling vanity pattern was the sleek quartz pattern, Palazzo! VT’s Palazzo pattern features an off-white appearance with subtle grey veining. Many homeowners found Palazzo to be very trendy paired with a darker cabinet such as grey or black.

In addition to Palazzo, both Salem and Meteorite also topped the charts in 2018. The contemporary quartz pattern, Salem, displayed soft, earthy cream tones with light grey veining. This versatile look paired nicely with a wide range of cabinet styles— from white to stained, and everything in between.

A’vant’s granite pattern, Meteorite featured grey and black tones with creamy white flecks interspersed. Many trending styles paired Meteorite with white or grey cabinetry.