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2016 Kitchen Trends

posted on 11/14/2016 in Countertops


This year, even more than most, trending styles became “must-haves” in many households. These trends varied from popular colors pallets, to tech-spaces, to lighting. Overall, the 2016 dream kitchen was portrayed in soft, neutral colors like greys and whites, giving off a simple yet elegant vibe.

Becoming more and more attached to our technology devices, many homeowners also prioritized hidden charging stations and device storage in the kitchen. Convenience was a big trend as well. Smart appliances like coffee machines, steam ovens, and wine coolers were a popular item in many kitchens.

The dark ages are over! Consumers are now incredibly keen enhancing the brightness in their kitchens. Brightness is positively correlated with a bigger and cleaner space, thus being all things your average 2016 homeowner belongs.

Learn more about these top kitchen trends in this Houzz article!

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