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VT Takes Part in Healthiest State Walk

posted on 10/06/2016 in Architectural Doors


On October 5th, VT’s Holstein Team participated in the annual Healthiest State Walk as a part of the Step It Up Iowa organization.  This organization is a health initiative design to enhance Iowan’s overall well-being by showing just how easy it can be to live a healthy life.

All 99 counties of Iowa participated in this event amounting to over 900 walks happening throughout the day.  The “VT Wellness” team was one of four organized walks taking place in Ida County. To qualify, a team had to walk for at least 30 minutes. Iowa is currently the 14th healthiest state in the U.S.

VT Wellness has also been promoting many other health related activities to encourage employees to make healthy decisions. “We know that health and wellness are contributing factors of happy, productive, and well-rounded employees,” notes Trisha Schmitt, VP of Corporate Marketing.

Some of the wellness activities added were a walking path at Holstein headquarters, weight loss challenges, group fitness, Wellness Wednesdays, preventative health screenings, and much more. “We want our employees to be their best at work, and outside of work. We’re dedicated in our efforts to support our employees and will continue to help cultivate their success,” notes Schmitt.

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