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VT Proudly Offers Expanded Door Capabilities

posted on 10/15/2018 in Architectural Doors

VT Proudly Offers Expanded Door Capabilities 

Check out the expanded door and millwork products now available as a result of the Eggers acquisition. The synergy of the combined product lines allows VT to offer a complete suite of commercial and residential door products.  

Eggers Collection Products:

Palladium Doors- A unique door product for high impact areas that features a removable edge.

Stylus- Offers the premium look of a stile and rail door with the functionality and economy of a 5-ply flush wood door.

Sketch Face Flush Doors - Achieve a one-of-a-kind look with a sketch face flush door. Detailed inlays come to life with your choice of domestic or exotic veneers

Wood Jambs - Coordinating wood jambs are the perfect finishing touch to any architectural project. Solid lumber and veneer wrapped options available.

Wood Paneling - Add the warmth of wood to walls, ceilings, columns and more. Custom matching options bring superior aesthetic value to any space. Acoustical options also available.

Conference Tabletops - Eggers’ veneer tabletops and wood tabletops are custom fabricated from a wide selection of hardwood face veneers to meet the specifications and aesthetic characteristics of even the most discerning architects and designers.

Veneer Wrapped Components - From office fixtures and furniture to trim and mouldings, veneer wrapping elevates the look of standard metal components with the rich elegance of wood.  

Supa Collection MDF Doors - Performance meets seamless design integration in the Supa Collection, VT’s outstanding line-up of commercial paint-grade MDF door offering.

EnVivo Residential Doors - VT’s residential MDF door offering gives designers and homeowners the ultimate design flexibility they want with the quality they demand.