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LEED v4 Update

posted on 11/22/2016 in Architectural Doors


The final day to register with LEED v3(2009) was on October 31st. All new LEED projects must now register for LEED v4 standards. It will be important to identify which rating system is being used when submitting orders and documentation requests as both versions will be in use until all v3 projects are completed.

In order to meet material and resource credits for LEED v4, VT has developed a Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and released a Health Product Declaration (HPD). These documents can be accessed on VT's LEED page.

Included at the end of the EPD are the LEED v4 credits that VT can assist with. For more information on each credit requirement, visit USGBC's credit library 

LEED letters for both v3 and v4 can be produced in VTonline or on the LEED Letter Generator page for your documentation requirements. For more information on LEED consult our website or contact your VT representative.

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