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EnVivo Residential Doors- Coming Soon!

posted on 01/29/2018 in Architectural Doors

EnVivo Residential Doors: Coming Soon!

"VT hits home" with our new product line, VT EnVivo Residential Doors.

We're excited to introduce a line of stunning door openings designed to enhance any space. Choose among our most popular standard and custom options and design the door of your dreams utilizing every aspect of our state-of-the-art facility.

VT's EnVivo Residential Door Collection consists of an elegant lineup of painted MDF doors available in today's most popular hues.

Feel rest assured with industry leading customer service from our trained professionals every step of the way.

Why “EnVivo” you ask? Let us explain. Emotion is a large part of the interior design door selection. We all know that no one interior design project is the same, so we needed a brand name that embodied the “life of the project.” Which is literally what EnVivo does – “En” represents the interior, the “inside” of the home. “Vivo” translates to “with life and vigour.”

Together, EnVivo embodies interior design with life and vigour.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!!